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  • ICFC Executive Committee, 2020

Updates about The Last ten nights of Ramadan and Covid-19, ICFC Fundraiser, and Zakat Ul Fitr!

Bismillah, wa Salatu wa Salaamu 'ala Rasoolilah, As Salaam u 'Alaykum wa Rahmahtullah,

May Allah accept our fasting, standing in prayer, and du'a. Ameen

Brothers and sisters as the days and nights of Ramadan pass and the underlying cautions and concerns still remain in regard to Coronavirus, we regretfully inform the community that there is no way that our Masjid will be able to open in regular capacity during these last ten days of Ramadan. In addition to the concern for health and safety we have as believers there is still the current law made by the governor in Colorado, and in every state, that masjids and churches are not able to open for regular attendance.

The ICFC is planning to have an online fundraiser for our community on Wednesday, May 20th from 7- 8 pm. The goal of this will be to help the Muslims in Northern Colorado who have been sick with Covid-19, to help with Masjid expenses, and to help the needy of our community.

Zakat ul Fitr can be paid online $11 each, , before Friday 11pm. In-person we are taking drop off donations of $10 each, cash or check, in the masjid parking lot on next Thursday and Friday from 5-7pm. On the drop-off schedule we are also accepting food to give to the needy. Hadith mentions that a Saa' of food is given for each person. This is approximately 6.6 lbs of common food supply that a person should give for the needy. See attached flyer.

There is a fundraiser being held online for a community in the Denver area. Please look to benefit them. See flyer attached.

Before next Friday we will send an email with scholarly information about praying the eid prayer at home and advice on ways that we can celebrate the Eid with our family and in our home.


Jazakum Allahu Khayr

ICFC Executive Committee, 2020

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